Incorporated Societies

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An Incorporated Society Requires Specialist Management.

An Incorporated Society or sometimes called either a Residents Society or Laneway Society falls under the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. They are legally tasked with the running and maintenance of common infrastructure such as roads, paths, gardens, drainage and sewerage treatment systems.

It has become more common in newer subdivisions and the societies constitution sets out the obligations and requirements of each owner. It is very important that owners are aware of these obligations and understand the rules, their financial commitment and restrictions that govern the society, as these often tie back to Resource Consent conditions that govern the site.

In addition to these constitution will set out general rules that all owners and occupants must adhere to, such as rules on:

  • Rules concerning pets.
  • Rules governing the external alterations of your property.
  • Rules concerning exterior paint colours.
  • Rules governing parking.
  • Rules relating to the debt collection of levies.

It is therefore important that the Incorporated Society is properly and professionally managed. Our team have extensive training and management skills with incorporated societies. We provide a pro-active and customer based management of incorporated societies, we understand the complexities that these create and the need for clear communication with owners to ensure that the complex runs well.

Because incorporate society constitution is often complex and wordy, we find that new owners sometimes do not fully understand the obligations and financial costs involved in maintaining the share infrastructure, grounds and facilities and we work hard to communicate and work with owners to manage this.

Auckland Body Corporate ensure that these sites operate efficiently, effectively and that owners are provided with professional financial reports, running annual general meetings, facilitating maintenance requirements and communication with owners. As with all our clients our services can be tailored for the requirements of each Society.