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Importantly, Body Corporate Administration is about focusing on daily operational and facilities management plans to monitor and review the building performance and maintenance.

Body Corporate can maximise the value of a company’s bricks and mortar through creativity, cost-effective planning and implementation.

Body corporate fee varies depending on the size of the apartment, car parks, type of building. An average  Auckland apartment body corporate fees annually is $5,000 a unit, but the amount is set at each annual general meeting and can change depending on the OCR. This is an important way of releasing capital to fund infrastructure improvements. More importantly, body corporate are focusing on daily operational costs and facilities management plans to monitor and review their own performance. It is our intention to be fully accessible and hands-on at every level of body corporate management. By understanding the individual clients requirements. we provide a superior tailored management service, which in turn adds value to our clients investment.

Body Corporate Fees are the costs each apartment owner pays to make sure the building and all it’s common areas like hallways and gardens are in tip top condition.

More information on Body Corporate Fees coming soon.  
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