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Auckland Body Corporate’s point of difference and promise to our clients is to offer a fresh, innovative, superior service offering to Body Corporate, with a strong focus on proactive maintenance, delivering exceptional customer service, compliance and technology.

Auckland Body Corporate manages some of the largest Strata-titled retail complexes in New Zealand and has made a name for itself, like Bayleys, in solid commercial management.
We are New Zealand’s go to body corporate manager and this is because of three simple reasons:
Experience, High Customer Service and simple Solutions based Proactive Management.
Reduce the Committee workload, Reduce Stress, Enjoy life – Get a Quotation from Auckland Body Corporate.

Auckland Body Corporate has experience managing a diverse portfolio of commercial and industrial properties, including high rise office blocks, retail malls, industrial warehouse parks and precinct societies. These types of properties require specialist knowledge and understanding of client needs, to ensure that these sites operate efficiently, effectively and safely for both owners and users.

Due to the large number of visitors to these sites it is important to ensure that these properties operate at their full potential by ensuring that best practice management processes are followed. Commercial Body Corporate Management is about people, most of our competitors stumble at that first hurdle. It an understanding that we have to deal with a wide range of parties involved in every commercial complex.

Our team at Auckland Body Corporate can assist commercial property owners in the formation of robust rules that suit the nature of the development and ensure regular maintenance is undertaken at competitive rates and to a high standard.

We also offer tailored information solutions to existing commercial complexes and ensure effective communication, sound financial management and clear notification of facilities maintenance.

When you move to Auckland Body Corporate you will get three simple changes to the way your new body corporate manager operates:

Service: We understand what our job is; it’s to provide hassle free management.

“I wish that we had moved to Auckland Body Corporate sooner, they really do the basics well and attend onsite when ever needed, they provide solid management, we are stoked to have them manage our complex.” Chairperson Body Corporate 133825

Auckland Body Corporate understands the importance of having a well-presented commercial and desirable property for potential tenants and their customers. This means sound management of around rubbish, common grounds maintenance, cleaning, noise and finances. We work closely with our clients to ensure the service that we provide is catering to their needs and the vision that they have for their properties.

Body corporate management is complicated and if you’re paying for this and not receiving the service you require talk to us.

Solutions Based Management: We believe that a body corporate manager needs to have a sound understanding of how a commercial complex works and the dynamics of commercial leases. That’s why we expect all our body corporate managers to attend on site and pro-actively solve issues before they become a problem for the owners and occupants.

“…We have been impressed with Roger Shephard, who has been managing our high-rise office and retail complex in Newmarket for the past 15 years, and provided clear financial reporting and managed issues with my tenants”. Sam, Committee Member body corporate 196030

If you are not receiving outstanding service then contact us to see how we can improve the service that you are getting.

Experience: Our staff have practical knowledge of the property industry and experience in the building sector and will be on-site on a regular basis to ensure that they can pro-actively manage the site. You will not be dealing with a remote office bound glorified telemarketer that you meet once a year, they will have first-hand knowledge of the layout of your site and will be able to make informed decisions.

We understand that your property is a considerable investment, one that can increase in value with the right kind of management and takes away the daily stresses of managing the building as well as ensuring its occupants and the property are properly looked after. Putting your building in our safe hands will allow you to focus elsewhere, which makes maximising the value of your asset possible.

Contact us about sound solution based management of your body corporate.

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