About Us

Auckland Body Corporate Bayleys

What we do

Auckland Body Corporate is part of the Bayleys group, and its core task is to free up your time, by providing proactive and hassle free management of your property, whether that be a body corporate, strata title,  incorporated society or cross lease.
Our main point of difference to our clients is the ability to offer a customer based body corporate administration service that allows you to get on with your life, while we take care of the management of your strata title property. More information on Auckland body corporate ….


Our staff have practical knowledge of the property industry and experience in the building sector and will be on-site on a regular basis to ensure that they can pro-actively manage the site. You will not be dealing with a remote office bound glorified telemarketer that you meet once a year, they will have first-hand knowledge of the layout of your site and will be able to make informed decisions.
Body corporate management is complicated and if you’re paying for this and not receiving the service you require talk to us. Meet the team …..


Part of the discussions you will have us will involve the importance of developing a strong community in your complex. New Zealanders are just starting to understand the benefits of apartment living, and the need to have a strong community feel.

We are all about communities, and research shows that this is beneficial for resident owners and landlords. The health benefits are well known and a community/family support always ranks high is life expectancy. 

Policy and Law

The Unit Titles Act 2010 and its Regulations 2011 is the law governing strata title building developments, or where there are multiple owners with a shared ownership of common areas, such as halls, driveways, lifts.

Body corporate secretaries are employed to ensure that this Act is adhered too.

It is a complicated and lengthy set of documents, and our team are experts in its implementation.

What we do

We are a solution based body corporate management company and our management team are here to solve issues. We can do this because we know your property and this means we can get to the bottom of issues quickly. Body Corporate administration is about listening, knowledge and action.

If your paying for a body corporate manager and getting a glorified accountant sitting at a desk, you need to change. Talk to us.