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Auckland Body Corporate can assist Cross Lease property owners in the administration of their properties ensuring their properties are adequately insured, common area maintenance is undertaken regularly and that owners are familiar with the rules and obligations under their Memorandum of Lease.

The Memorandum of Lease sets out the obligations of all owners and prescribes the process for how decisions are reached between the cross-lease owners. Restrictions on Cross-Lease properties may include;

• Alteration and/or building of existing/ new structures

• Rules regarding pets

• Leasing requirements

• Prescribed colours which must be utilised for repainting the buildings

The Memorandum of Lease may also contain rules and obligations of the owners such as;

• Maintenance responsibilities of common and private areas

• Insurance

• Dispute resolution processes

• Allocation of expenses to each individual owner

Auckland Body Corporate has experience assisting Cross Lease property owners with the professional management of their properties and is able to tailor our services to ensure the individual needs of property owners are met.
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