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If you are in the process of establishing a Body Corporate or need advice about ongoing management of an existing Body Corporate.

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We provide a range of electronic channels for corporate clients to access financial information, pay levies, view and review important documents.

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As part of our process we make these core promises, What we particularly value at Auckland Body Corporate is our ability to deliver consistent services.

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Auckland is the most populated city and investing in property allows you to take advantage of the both the foreign and domestic rental demand.

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A high focus on customer service and the creation of enduring relationships with clients is essential. Auckland Body Corporate maintains a strong commitment to ensuring best practices are utilised, full compliance with all regulatory requirements, and an emphasis and a policy of undertaking proactive maintenance for clients.


Auckland Body Corporate has a high focus on customer service and the creation of enduring relationships with client

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Proactive Body Corporate Administration

  • Commercial and Industrial

    Auckland Body Corporate has extensive experience in managing a diverse portfolio of commercial and industrial properties.
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  • Residential Body Corporate

    Experience in managing a diverse portfolio of both large and small residential apartments and town house properties.

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  • Cross Lease

    We can assist Cross Lease property owners in the administration of their properties. Know more

  • Resident Society

    Auckland Body Corporate has experience managing both Resident and Precinct Societies. Know more

” Chris Newman is a professional Body Corporate Manager, who has provided an outstanding service to our Body Corporate”.

“Chris proactively supports, going over and above his duties. Chris has helped our Body Corporate navigate a 10-year leaky building process, from an initially failed mediation, thru to high court proceedings, as well as helping to manage the remediation process. From a Property Administration, Management and Governance perspective, Chris holds an abundance of skills and expertise. I have no hesitation to recommend Auckland Body Corporate”.

Madeleine Bassett
Fleetwood Apartments Chairperson

Auckland Body Corporate tailors Body Corporate services to the individual Body Corporate needs. We provide a raft of core services to the Body Corporate that we manage. Know more on our Tailored Services
The Auckland Body Corporate team are skilled at strata title management and incorporated societies. We have in depth knowledge on layered developments with multiple entities in a single complex. The people that you will be dealing with have more than 15 years of body corporate experience and are qualified in strata management and in a range of body corporate related issues. Know more on core body corporate services and developments
Auckland Body Corporate’s point of difference and promise to our clients is to offer a fresh, innovative, superior service offering to Body Corporate, with a strong focus on proactive maintenance, delivering exceptional customer service, compliance and technology. Know more
Under the Unit Titles Act 2010, It is a very simple task to switch between Body Corporate Manager. Contact one of experienced body corporate manager for a free review and advice
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Auckland Body Corporate and Bayleys

Auckland Body Corporate is part of the Bayleys group, and its core task is to free up your time, by providing proactive and hassle-free management of your property, whether that be a body corporate, strata title, incorporated society or cross lease.
Main point of difference we deliver to our clients is the ability to offer a customer based body corporate administration service that allows you to get on with your life, while we take care of the management of your strata title property.

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    Cost Involved in Hiring a Body Corporate Company

    List compiled by Auckland Body Corporate of terms and commonly asked questions by Body Corporate owners. [Know more]

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    Body Corporate Legislation

    There is a multitude of legislation that governs and impacts Body Corporates in New Zealand [Know more]

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Roger Shephard – “Over 14 years experience as Senior Body Corporate Manager”


Chris Newman – “Chris’ experience spans over 15 years in the strata industry in New Zealand”.


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Chris Newman

Professional Bodies





BCCG – Body Corporate Chairs Group.
The Body Corporate Chairs Group provides ongoing education, training and support to to Body Corporate Chairpersons and Committees. Auckland Body Corporate is a member and active supporter and presenter to the Body Corporate Chairs Group.


SCA (NZ) Strata Community Association (SCA) New Zealand is the peak industry body for Body Corporate and Community Title Management in New Zealand.  Auckland Body Corporate is a member of SCANNZ and is an approved SCANZ trainer

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