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Auckland Body Corporate is part of the Bayleys group, and its core task is to free up your time, by providing proactive and hassle free management of your property, whether that be a body corporate, strata title, incorporated society or cross lease.

Our main point of difference to our clients is the ability to offer a customer based body corporate administration service that allows you to get on with your life, while we take care of the management of your strata title property.
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Managing a strata title property (body corporate) is a complicated business and requires a commitment to delivering a high level of management and customer service. Our body corporate team work proactively with owners, to collaboratively achieve the goals that they have for their properties and to ensure that the owner’s assets are maintained to a high standard, ensuring associated property value is enhanced.

The body corporate team at Auckland Body Corporate is experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of legislation relevant to Body Corporate. Both the Unit Titles Act 2010 and Health and Safety at Workplace Act 2015 are particularly relevant to Body Corporate and it is important to ensure that Body Corporate are fully compliant with this legislation.

This pro-active style of body corporate management ensures that we start each year off on the right foot, and at the annual general meeting the owners decide on the budget, levy instalments, elect a chairperson and committee and agree on major maintenance items. From then on we deal with the committee to ensure the following:

  • The complex is well maintained.
  • Levies are collected in a timely fashion.
  • Insurance paid.
  • Cash flow managed.
  • Contractors are complaint with the Health & Safety plan.
  • Invoices are paid.

Annual general meetings can be held at our offices in Wynyard Quarter, with free parking and modern facilities, we can connect with owners in real time from around the world. So whether your Body Corporate is a commercial office building, retail block, residential apartment or townhouse property, Auckland Body Corporate are able to assist you.

We are proudly supported by Bayleys, New Zealand’s largest and most successful real estate company, Auckland Body Corporate has been established to provide Body Corporate owners with an independent and professional service to assist in the management of their residential and commercial properties.