“We help to create great communities where people want to work, live and play”


  1. Bank Accounts – Operation of separate bank accounts on behalf of each body corporate. Separate bank accounts are also established for long-term maintenance and contingency funding requirements, ensuring full transparency and that the Body Corporate receive the benefit of all interest generated by these investment funds.
  2. Budgets – Preparation of robust industry standard annual budgets for the consideration of owners at each Annual General Meeting.
  3. Creditor Payments – Prompt processing and payment of all approved Body Corporate creditor invoices.
  • Levies and debt collectionLevying of unit owners for their contribution to the running of the Body Corporate, and ensuring that these levies are collected in a regular, timely and professional manner in accordance with the timeframes and practices of the body corporate.
  1. GST Returns – Processing of Body Corporate GST and annual tax returns.
  2. Invoicing – Facilitating the on-charging to owners for metered water and electricity utility usage as applicable.


7.     Financial statements and accounts – Preparation of industry-standard professional annual financial statements for the Body Corporate by our finance team.

  1. Financial Reporting by Group – Enables the Body Corporate to create special financial groups for any special Body Corporate projects.


  1. Interim Reporting – Committees can request to receive interim monthly financial reports. Any owner can also request interim financial reports at any time during the Body Corporate financial year.



  1. Communication – Prompt and regular communication with all owners and residents.


  1. Professional Advice – Cost effective, independent and transparent advice to all clients.


  1. Experienced Staff – Experienced and qualified staff, who have property experience and quality administration support staff.


  1. Computers & Software – Utilisation of the latest in computer technology,

    smart phones, software




  1. Online Portal – Utilisation of an exclusive online portal to enable owners to access general meeting minutes, Body Corporate documents and key financial information.


  1. Website – Providing a state-of-the-art website and online presence, including comprehensive Unit Titles information, regular newsletters


    industry updates.


  1. Legislation – Ensuring all parties operate within and comply with all aspects of the Unit Titles Act 2010 and all associated legislation


    Body Corporate.


  1. Health & Safety – Operating within and

    recognisingthe significant implications/ potential liability to Body Corporate, of the Health and Safety Work Act 2015.


  1. Strata Community Association (SCANZ) – Membership and active support of the industry body SCANZ, which acts as both a professional institute for strata managers and consumer advocate for the Body Corporate industry in NZ.


  1. Body Corporate Chairs Group (BCCG) – Membership and active support of the Body Corporate Chairs Group, providing support and education to Body Corporate Chairpersons and Committees.


  1. Body Corporate Rules – Knowledge of all governing Body Corporate documents and monitoring and enforcement of respective Body Corporate rules




  1. Legislation – Knowledge and constant awareness


    all changes in legislation applicable to Body Corporate in NZ.


  1. Proactive Maintenance – A strong focus on proactive building maintenance is at the heart of what we do for all clients.


  1. Enhanced Asset Value – Ensuring that each strata title property is highly maintained, providing overall benefits for all stakeholders and enhancing the asset value.


  1. Long Term Maintenance Plans – Assistance with the development and adoption of Body Corporate Long Term Maintenance Plans, and negotiation/ implementation of all maintenance and service contracts.


  1. Repairs & Maintenance – workflow tracked from quotes, work orders and tracking throughout the job – all work orders are tracked and


    handling of multiple quotations and full history


  1. Correspondence and representation – Overseeing of any matters or issues requiring liaison with, and management of, service providers, third parties, or other unit owners, are dealt with efficiently and in a


    timely manner.

27.  Contact with Body Corporate ManagerAll owners are able to contact Auckland Body Corporate at any stage during the year for advice or clarification of community matters, or to source copies of all related documentation and correspondence.

  1. Responsiveness – to all owners and residents requests, providing fair, independent, transparent advice in order for the Body Corporate and owners to make sound decisions.


29.  Register of proprietors  – Maintaining an accurate list of all unit proprietors, property managers and residents for the Body Corporate, along with their contact addresses and contact telephone numbers.


30.  Web Portal – The ‘My Community’ web portal is available to all Auckland Body Corporate clients, and allows owners to view real time financial information, view levies and financial statements; and access important documents.

  1. Maintenance Requests – All owners and residents can log maintenance and service requests, and complaints through the My Community portal.


  1. Transparency – Owners can log in and view their personal accounts and view levies providing the utmost transparency at all times.


  1. Community Events & Notices – Committee members and residents can

    organiseand participate in Community events, as well as receive important notices and information through the My Community portal.


  1. Fostering of Community – Is at the heart of all that we do – My Community enables the fostering of community, encouraging engagement and participation from both owners and residents.




  1. Documents – The Body Corporate management software that we Auckland Body Corporate utilize incorporates a comprehensive document management system for all Body Corporate records, ensuring integrity, transparency


    accessibility of all important information and records.


  1. Correspondence – Full records of all Body Corporate correspondence are stored in the document management software.


  1. Diary – A comprehensive community diary tool records contact with clients and notifies the Body Corporate manager of all key Body Corporate dates and tasks.


  1. Contracts – Administration of the services, contracts


    operations of the Body Corporate, within the policies and guidelines of the committee.






39.  Insurance – Obtaining of comprehensive quotes for the re-insurance of the body corporate including  liability insurance to cover for actions and decisions of the body corporate committee.

40.  Insurance Valuation -Facilitation of insurance valuations as required by legislation and the Body Corporate committee to ensure that the Body Corporate is adequately covered.



41.  AGM & EGM MeetingsProvide notice of, prepare minutes for, and hold, the Body Corporate annual general meeting. In addition to this we will attend any committee meetings, meetings with legal representatives and video conferences during office hours.

  1. Committee Meetings – Our Body Corporate managers will attend Body Corporate committee meetings, providing the knowledge and resources in order for the Committee to make informed decisions for the benefit of the Body Corporate.


  1. Committee Training – Assistance and guidance to the Body Corporate committee, with associated advice and provision of resources to enable effective community management.




44.  Rules & Budgets – Assistance with the development, adoption and implementation of the Body Corporate Rules & the development of quality and reliable administration & long term maintenance budgets.


45.  Common areaAssistance and advice with the development of common areas of the property.


46.  Compliance itemsIdentification and advice on compliance items on site and associated Building Warrant of Fitness requirements.


47.  Long Term Maintenance Plan & Maintenance Contracts – Assistance with the development and adoption of a Body Corporate Long Term Maintenance Plan and negotiation/ implementation of all maintenance and service contracts.


48.  General meetingFacilitate and undertake the Body Corporate first Annual General Meeting.


49.  Disclosure documents & Solicitors – Undertaking of the required disclosure statements and liaison, consultation and assistance with developer’s legal support team.


50.  Insurance  – Obtaining of competitive quotations and implement insurance policies relevant to the development.